Carpets & Curtains for Toyota Coaster Bus

Seats & Carpets:

Are you looking for a comfortable seat set, an easy to maintain carpet set or a nice looking curtains for your Toyota Coaster Bus, you can contact NILANTHA CUSHION WORKS. Our expert technicians will assist you to get the right decisions on your requirements and to get the perfect final output. Using quality materials is a must for the comfort and durability. We use only the best products from around the world for our fabrications. That’s our secret of producing quality products.



Toyota Coaster is a minibus that is manufactured by Toyota. The coaster has a large seating capacity and it is used as recreational vehicle and it is also used as public transport in many countries. The car is manufactured in Japan and it is exported to all parts of the world. The car is very famous all over the world and the main reason behind the popularity of this car is its strong body and large seating capacity. The Toyota coaster price is also moderate and it gives huge benefits to the customers. Many different companies have copies the design of this coaster bus but no company has been able to achieve such durability in the structure.


toyota-coaster-curtains-1The bus is equipped with man features such as air conditioning to make the car cold, power steering to drive smoothly, automatic doors for the convenience of the driver. A small refrigerator is also present in this bus so that you can enjoy chilled drinks while going on a long trip. The bus is best for a long trip and if you want to take your friends and family to camping, then this is the best option for you. The bus will allow you to store the luggage easily and you can easily travel in the bus due to its spacious interior.
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Nilantha Cushion Works, importers and dealers of Japanese seat sets. One of the best quality service providers for all kinds of vehicle seats, upholstery and seat covers in Sri Lanka.

We guarantee the highest quality and durability in all our products. We are proud to be one of the leading solutions providers in Sri Lanka and will maintain the same quality and friendly service in the future, while improving our services with modern technical aspects.


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