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We have a range of high quality Japanese-made seat sets for Toyota Aqua Hybrid Cars. All the items have been carefully selected and directly imported from Japan and therefore well matching for the conditions in Sri Lanka. You can select one, which matches to your choice & expectation. So, have a visit to our showrooms to see the difference of our products. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a Leather seat set or a Fabric one….



Toyota Aqua is a full hybrid mini hatchback car developed for Japanese market. It is re-branded as Prius C in other countries. This review is focused on Toyota Aqua as there are many reviews about Prius C in the internet. Since Prius C is targeted to European and US markets, safety features are different. For an example basic Aqua has two air bags and even the base grade of Prius C has eight air bags. In addition, Prius C comes with special display which shows energy flow from battery/engine to wheels. Only high end Japanese Aqua models (G grade) have this display.



In addition, grades are different in Aqua and Prius C. Toyota Aqua comes in L, S and G grade. Prius C comes in 1, 2, 3 grades. Features of each comparable grades are markedly different between Toyota Aqua and Prius C. Most Japanese Aquas are customized vehicles for the original Japanese buyer, except zero mileage vehicles in Japanese Auctions. So options will vary widely. Other than that, these two cars are essentially similar. Both have same engine and hybrid power train. Both have same external and internal appearance.

In addition, marketing wise Toyota Aqua is marketed as having Fuel efficiency of 37km/l according to JC008 test cycle. But according to the independent Environmental protection authority of US government assessment, Prius C is marketed as having 50 miles per gallon (US) equivalent to 21.7km/l.

Written by: agasthi


Nilantha Cushion Works, importers and dealers of Japanese seat sets. One of the best quality service providers for all kinds of vehicle seats, upholstery and seat covers in Sri Lanka.

We guarantee the highest quality and durability in all our products. We are proud to be one of the leading solutions providers in Sri Lanka and will maintain the same quality and friendly service in the future, while improving our services with modern technical aspects.


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