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Seats for Toyota KDH Van

Seats for Toyota KDH Van
Luxury Seats: We have a range of Luxury seats which ideally matches for your Toyota KDH Van, specially suits for the ones who engaged in Tourism business. Just have a visit to our showrooms and choose whatever product matching to your requirement. Our experts will help you to get the right decision on your any kind of vehicle interior requirement. Vehicle: Toyota KDH is a fantastic commercial van, mainly for its reliability and performance. It’s got plenty of power to haul a big load up the hill, and easily sits on the freeway speed limits up big hills. It’s got plenty of space in the back, and with the cargo barrier, I can fit lengths of stuff up to 2.8m I think. The cabin is spacious enough for what you need to do, and with the cargo barrier, there is enough ...


Nilantha Cushion Works, importers and dealers of Japanese seat sets. One of the best quality service providers for all kinds of vehicle seats, upholstery and seat covers in Sri Lanka.

We guarantee the highest quality and durability in all our products. We are proud to be one of the leading solutions providers in Sri Lanka and will maintain the same quality and friendly service in the future, while improving our services with modern technical aspects.


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